Highlights from our meeting of Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Tonight's attendance prizes included several nice patterns. Winners were Jo Anne, Denise, Barbie Jo, Pam, Pat, Suzanne, and Katherine.

Show and Tell

David McCaskill stitched two of his original designs and brought them to share this month. At the top is Indian Summer and below is Will You Accept This Rose? Both designs are available on his website, needlepointdavid.com .

Our first show-and-tell piece tonight wasn't something we stitched, but rather something our chapter accomplished together. This big display check represents the amount of money we raised at our August auction and sale. All of the proceeds were donated to the Artesia High School Needlepoint Club for their finishing costs (see the August meeting page for more details). We hope that this picture and a write-up of the event will be published in an upcoming issue of Needle Pointers magazine and will inspire other chapters to support beginning stitchers.

Left to right: Denise Moreno, Belle Sprague, president Carley Linn, and auction chair Suzanne Jones

Due to some problems with the arrival of kits for Tanja Berlin's Hapsburg Lace Snowflake Sampler, that design will be presented to the chapter at a later date. Tonight each member in attendance received a copy of the brand-new Nina Goerres Fund piece, Bargello Windows. (Away members will receive their copies electronically.) This year's designer was Terry Dryden, and Nina Goerres Fund chair Diane Ackley walked us through all the stitching details. There are so many color possibilities for this interesting canvas!

Here are the threads Diane used, which are the originals that Terry chose.

Terry's twenty-four-page pattern contains meticulous instructions, closeup photographs, and colored stitching charts.

This charming Halloween design (artist unknown) was stitched by Linda Kammerer and finished as a lovely accent pillow.

Denise Moreno enjoyed stitching Nancy Cucci's embellishment project (left) presented at last month's meeting so much that she didn't wait for Nancy's finishing lesson scheduled for our November meeting. Denise just jumped in and did it on her own! She said she loves Nancy's trick for changing the color of clear beads with colored thread.

Tru Vianos brought this cute little frame weight home from the ANG National Seminar, held this year in Washington, D.C.