Highlights from our meeting of Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Helen, Katherine, Belle, Jeanne, and Suzanne chose from an interesting variety of attendance prizes tonight.

Our own David McCaskill was back with us tonight to present a very interesting program about techniques for stitching Santa beards. He shared a lot of tips and techniques that will be applicable not only to beards but also to other areas of a canvas.

David showed us a clever way to control the way stitches fill an irregular area. He also demonstrated easy methods for constructing two stitches that many stitchers struggle with--the French knot and the bullion. And of course, since David was here, we shared a lot of laughs over the course of the evening!

French knot above; bullion below

David's bullion method involves twisting a thread loop with your fingers rather than wrapping the needle. It's easy!

With President Carley acting as a "floor stand," David shows how to make a tidy French knot that won't pop through to the back of the canvas.