From our Zoom program of Tuesday, March 2, 2021

It's important to find the repeating pattern of the colors as they flow along the skein, in order to decide where to cut thread lengths.

Howard has also completed Woof by A Poore Girl Paints..

Tonight's virtual presentation featured a report from David McCaskill on his visit to the ThreadworX company in Garden Grove, CA, which specializes in overdyes. There were some technical difficulties with the planned filming of the visit, so David described to us several of the processes he observed and the things he discovered while he was there. It was great to learn more about how some of our favorite threads are produced!

Beautiful overdyes are produced with a variety of fibers at ThreadworX.





















































David was impressed with the precise nature of all the operations involved in producing the overdyed threads. Careful measuring of dyes as well as watchful control of such things as time and temperature assures that colors are consistent across dyelots.












Howard Lange has finished the new Nina Goerres design, Swirls by Debbie Rowley.










David showed us a trick for making our own overdyes when necessary by using permanent markers. To the right is an example of this technique, which he used for highlighting the shells near the bottom of the candle.

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