Highlights from our meeting of Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Members catch up before the meeting begins.

Attendance prizes await lucky winners.

Here is Laurie Bowers-Kane's completed Background Sampler II by David McCaskill, our 2016 yearlong project.

Our special guest tonight was Jo Dierdorff, who has been a professional dancer for many years. She teaches dance at the college level, and she is also a Pilates instructor. Her presentation tonight introduced some of the core concepts of Pilates exercise. Jo demonstrated and walked us through several movements that stitchers can do (most while seated) to help with alignment, posture, and muscle tone. The exercises were not difficult or painful, but they did help to ease tightness and promote flexibility. Thank you for an interesting and useful program, Jo!

This is Carley Linn's version of David's design.

All of us tried the exercises that Jo demonstrated.

Jo gave each of us a ball and showed us a variety of exercises designed to soothe tired and cramped hands.

Jo emphasized the importance of spinal alignment, especially since many of our daily activities, including stitching, tend to throw our head and shoulders forward.

Everyone received a flexible band, which can be used during exercises to offer resistance.

Flexing and extending legs and feet helps to relieve back pain and improve balance.



























Show and Tell















































And here is one more David McCaskill piece, stitched by David himself. This brand-new design, called One Flew over the Pumpkin Patch, will be the September project, available to all SBCANG members!

Pam Rhodes has completed the stitching on the Victorian Scissors Case, which was our program last month.