Highlights from our meeting of Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Background Sampler #1

Straight-line couching (top right square), page 1

Our program tonight was led by our own David McCaskill, the renowned designer who also happens to be our chapter's program chairman. David's subject tonight was couching techniques. He has prepared a four-page illustrated tutorial, which he handed out to meeting attendees. This document will be included in the next chapter newsletter so that distance members can also benefit from learning David's processes.

David brought in seven of his own designs to illustrate these methods. Corresponding handout page numbers are noted below. David walked us through the steps as we practiced on our doodle canvases. This interactive approach helped us learn some useful ways of creating lines and patterns through the use of couching.

We were happy to welcome some visitors/potential new members!

David is ready to start his presentation.

Winter Candle

Straight-line couching (background), page 1

Carley Linn brought in two beautifully finished Nancy Cucci designs. This one is Expressions in Rose Gold.

Carley also shared Nancy Cucci's December Dazzle.

Pamela Kimball took the pilot workshop Carnivale presented by Ruthmarie Hofmann in late February. Ruthmarie taught the techniques involved and suggested experimenting by creating an earring or brooch. This is Pamela's lovely result.

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Straight-line couching (doubled and twisted laid thread)

Popcorn couching (couching thread pulled down to back of canvas)

Letter J from JOY

Straight-line couching (background), page 1

View Through a Window (includes overlays of lace and screening)

Patterned couching (pot in foreground), page 1

Spring Candle

Couching in the hole (background), page 2

Desert Landscape

Popcorn couching (sky), page 3

December Topiary

Couching in the hole (background), page 2














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