Highlights from our meeting of Monday, March 26, 2018

Our meeting tonight was on a different night of the month and at a different location so that we could have a program by a very special visitor, Ann Strite-Kurz.

Show and Tell

Special thanks to Jo Anne Ghazi, who provided and operated the slide projector.

Suzanne Jones chose her own stitches, threads, and beads for Mr. & Mrs. by Raymond Crawford. She took the completed piece, a copy of the wedding invitation, and a photo of the newlyweds to On the Wall Gallery and Frames in Santa Ana, CA. They created a custom framing design to Suzanne's specifications for this lovely gift.

For tonight's program, Ann Strite-Kurz presented a fascinating and beautiful slide show in which she highlighted many of her original creations, explaining the sources of her inspiration and discussing the imaginative ways in which she layers and combines stitches to achieve such striking results. Knowledgeable stitchers recognize the mastery of geometry and technique that mark a design as an Ann Strite-Kurz original.

A sampling of her pieces can be seen below.

Carley Linn brought two of Ann Strite-Kurz's designs that she has stitched. On the left is Hedgie, and on the right is Gingie.

Belle Sprague has completed stitching Margaret Bendig's Champagne Toast to Nina and has finished it as a pillow.

Special thanks to Jo Anne Ghazi, who provided and ran the slide projector.

Jean Callis - Tucson, AZ

Rosie Lunde - Mendham, NJ

Sue Chadwick - Mendham, NJ

Among those in attendance tonight were three of our long-distance chapter members who had come for Ann's weekend workshop. We were delighted that they were able to stay for the meeting!