From our Zoom program of Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Elaborate leg-o-mutton sleeve detail; pearl decoration at right

Detail of a bridal collar that was hand stitched in Russia

Our Zoom meeting tonight featured a virtual tour of the Victorian Bridal Museum in Hemet, California. Located in a historic building, the Old Hemet Opera House, the museum and consignment shop is run by Eve Faulkner. Eve gave us an informative tour of her collection of antique gowns. Our videographer was our own David McCaskill. We really enjoyed seeing and learning about these lovely heritage pieces. Thank you, Eve and David!

Eve explained that the buttons on this dress were hand crocheted.

Detail of an opera cloak decorated with couched gold

This Civil-War-era plaid dress was designed to be worn as a wedding gown, then later expanded in front to become a maternity garment.

This heavy satin gown from the period of World War II is the most modern of all the pieces in the museum's collection.

Gray dress worn by a widow during the latter stages of mourning





















































Our host and guide was Eve Faulkner, proprietor of the Victorian Bridal Museum in Hemet, California.












The bustle style peaked about 1885.










Strongly defined waist; orange-blossom decoration at neckline

Orange blossoms such as these, a traditional bridal symbol, were manufactured in Paris and shipped internationally.