Highlights from our meeting of Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Show and Tell

Pat was invited by Gay Ann Rogers to pilot her new sewing case, titled Anniversary Purse in honor of the tenth anniversary of Gay Ann's website.

Katherine Zaharopoulos loves these tiny pliers that help her pull needles through the work.

Pat Correz has been busy doing quite a bit of pilot stitching! Here is Janet Z. Casey's Star-Spangled Santa.

Tonight's program was so much fun! Everyone got to share and explain some favorite books, gadgets, and other stitching aids. There were lots of "ooh's" and "aah's" as we learned about these treasures (and where we can buy them). Thanks to Suzanne Jones for this program idea!

From left to right, these are some of Pat Correz's favorite things: a large scissors case; an aficot (used for burnishing, smoothing threads, and defining channels); plastic curls for controlling thread on the spool, two magnetic twist needle cases, clips for beading, and below, a cloth ort collector.

Carley Linn brought in lots of interesting goodies -- top left, a thread zapper from the sporting goods store; bottom left, a thread (or hair) straightener; top right, a needle puller; center right, a small bead keeper; bottom right, a cordless power source for use with stitching lights in classroom settings.

This is Pat's completed Scaredy Cat, also by Janet Casey.

Laurie Bowers-Kane had two things to show -- a tack pusher that saves a lot of wear and tear on the thumbs, and a pair of magnifier glasses that light up. She says they're great for car or airplane stitching!

Jo Anne Ghazi has ordered this clever thread-tail catcher, but it hasn't arrived yet, so she showed us a photo on her phone.

Suzanne Jones brought her handy needle grabber, top left; her favorite needle threader, top right; some of the most useful books in her library, bottom left; and a pair of curved scissors, bottom right.

Belle Sprague brought a book she really likes, which has beautiful photos and lots of good information. She also showed her small portable charger and shared the flexible, light-duty magnets with sticky backs that attach to a variety of surfaces.