From our Zoom program of Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Members called in from across the country to attend tonight's Zoom meeting.

This elegant retro design is Job Interview, by Manuel Orazi of Tapestry Fair. Dennis shows the versatility of Encroaching Gobelin by using it for the figure's skin.

Day of the Dead was designed and painted as a one-of-a-kind piece by a friend of Dennis who prefers to remain anonymous. Dennis uses Encroaching Gobelin for the leaves and face, and he says that it works particularly well for shading.

Tonight we were treated to the elegant work of stitcher and designer Dennis Russell. Unfortunately, Dennis wasn't able to join us live during the meeting, but he had supplied program chairman David McCaskill with photos and descriptions of several of his pieces. We were able to see and discuss the details of the work during the meeting, and the printed document itself, complete with commentary and some stitch diagrams, will be included in the next chapter newsletter.

ANG members can also check the January/February 2021 issue of Needle Pointers magazine. Dennis's counted design Las Florecitas is the cover image, and a twelve-page feature article inside gives complete thread lists and stitching instructions for this gorgeous design!

Dennis designed and stitched this cross for his sister. Collapsed Start Octagon is used for the background.





















































The Las Florecitas motif recalls a Talavera tile; the finished design is thirteen inches square. The blue background is done in a stitch by Mary Legallet called Collapsed Star Octagon, which is charted in the document that chapter members will receive.












Dennis's favorite stitch is Encroaching Gobelin, also charted in the document. Here it is used on Sacred Mountain by Maggie Lane in the border and the center medallion.