From our Zoom program of Tuesday, January 5, 2021

David shows how to begin a curved section of a design.

Using a thread as a "compass" is a clever way of making sure the stitches are laid properly to follow the arc of a leaf or a petal.

Tonight's virtual presentation featured our own David McCaskill, who discussed and demonstrated how to make the most of long-and-short (random) stitching. Some of us were new to the process, but even those who are experienced learned some great tips and tricks for creating and using this versatile technique.

Length should vary, and holes should not be shared.





















































David explains some of the basics - needle placement, stitch length, and the importance of following the line of design. Unlike other stitches, it's important NOT to establish a repeating pattern for the viewer's eye to discern.














David suggests using an air-erasable marking pen for plotting design lines such as flowers.








Here are some nice examples of David's long-and-short stitching!