Highlights from our meeting of Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year! We had lots to talk about before the meeting started, and there were many attendance prizes to choose from.

Winners tonight included Jane, Suzanne, C.J., Jo Anne, Denise, Belle, and Helen.

Show and Tell

Denise Moreno has completed Hello! from Trish Gunning Needlepoint Designs.


Carley Linn stitched David McCaskill's Joy and was able to get the letters back from the finisher just in time for Christmas display on her mantelpiece. (No fires were allowed in the fireplace over the holiday, due to the potential for smoke!)

Our guest tonight was Margery Williams, who presented part one her beautiful geometric Fairy Dust. Lots of beads, sparkly threads, and a Swarovski crystal jewel make this piece come alive! Margery gave us careful explanations of how to achieve the best results when stitching various sections of the design. She will be back with us next month to guide us through part two. Thank you for an interesting program, Margery!

W. I. P.

For the Love of Chocolate, by Nancy Cucci, was beautifully stitched by Pat Correz. Yummy!

Denise has used several pretty stitches and threads on this little snowman by Shelly Tribbey.

Suzanne Jones is working on Mr. & Mrs. by Raymond Crawford as a wedding gift for a bride and groom in her family.









































































A note from Belle: After I mentioned at the meeting that I had whimsically hung my Seminar ribbon on our
Christmas tree this year, Pat insisted that I post a photo on this month's web page. (I always do what Pat tells me to!)