Highlights from our meeting of Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Attendance prizes were won by Laurie, Suzanne, Belle, and our guest, Lori.

Image 1

Canvas by Janis Maddox

Tonight we began a new program series, "Member Share," which will feature the talents of several of our SBCANG stitchers as they discuss some of their special canvases and their favorite stitches from each. David McCaskill, our program chairman, plans to chart those stitches and put together a PDF which will coordinate with the image numbers below. Chapter members, look for your copy of this month's PDF which will be included with the next monthly newsletter.

Our inaugural presenter was Cindy Jones-Sanders, who shared her beautiful work on seven pieces.

For our first meeting of the year, we had a good turnout which included a new member and a guest!

Here are all the canvases Cindy brought to show and discuss.

This Raymond Crawford Santa has the same background stitch as Image 1.

Jo Anne Ghazi shared the stocking (designer unknown) that she completed as a Christmas gift for her husband, Bill. David McCaskill, whom Jo Anne calls "my coach," did the stitch guide for her. Bill loves his stocking so much that he insisted it be framed. It hangs near his desk where he can see it every day!

Katherine Zaharopoulos finished David McCaskill's Joy just in time to display it in her home for the Christmas season.

Image 3

Canvas by Diane O'Leary

Denise Moreno has finished stitching Garden of Delight by Carol Algie Higginbotham. As she often does, Denise changed the colorway to her own.

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Image 4-a

Pillow insert by Associated Talents

Image 4-b

Canvas by SASI Designs

Image 5

Canvas by Lisa Etre

































Show and Tell









































Image 2

Canvas by Purple Palm