Highlights from our meeting of Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A small but enthusiastic group attended our first meeting of the year.

Show and Tell

Belle Sprague completed the stitching of Libby Sturdy's Blue and Gold Angel early last year, but she didn't finish it as a tree topper until just before Christmas. The program and workshop on finishing materials and techniques that Laurie McLellan presented to our chapter in early November were very helpful to Belle in completing this piece.

This lovely piece is Bethlehem's King by Foxwood Crossings, stitched by Pam Rhodes.

Suzanne Jones has stitched these ornaments over the course of six years to commemorate several significant events in her niece's life -- earning a PhD., buying a house, getting a university teaching position, and, most importantly, the birth of her three children.

For tonight's program, designer and chapter member David McCaskill presented Appreciation, which he has created as the SBCANG Nina Goerres design for 2016-2017. The pattern is free to all current chapter members.

David offered stitching tips as well as recommendations for alternate threads and colorways. The printed instructions include several suggestions for various shapes besides a heart.