Bargello Windows


Terry Dryden


Stitched by Diane Ackley

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Terry Dryden has designed this beautiful bargello piece exclusively for our San Bernardino chapter.  This unique creation is a kind of sampler of various bargello designs. The colors used are quite rich, and they remind me of autumn. In the instructions, Terry discusses how she chose her colors and guides stitchers in choosing their own.

We are pleased to present the eighth annual piece commissioned by the San Bernardino Chapter to honor the memory of longtime member Nina Goerres, who left a most generous bequest to the chapter. Here are some remarks by Nina Goerres Fund chair Diane Ackley about this lovely new canvas.
This design is available for purchase by the public. The price is $20 for delivery by e-mail and $26.50 for delivery by USPS. To order, please contact the Nina Goerres Chair.