Bonnie Brae


Michael Boren & Carole Lake

StitchPlay Designs

Stitched by Diane Ackley

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We are honored to have been asked to design a piece in honor of Nina Goerres. Carole knew Nina well, but sadly, Michael never had that opportunity.

When we saw the Caron Collection overdye called 'Distant Hills,' we were immediately reminded of the highlands of Scotland, which we have both seen at different points in our lives.

So put on your kilts, pick up your needle and join us in stitching Bonnie Brae.

We proudly present the fifth annual piece commissioned by the San Bernardino Chapter to honor the memory of longtime member Nina Goerres, who left a most generous bequest to the chapter. Carole and Michael, the designers, have this to say:
This design is available for purchase by the public. The price is $20 for delivery by e-mail and $26.50 for delivery by USPS. To order, please contact the Nina Goerres Chair.