Nina's Protege


Amy Wolfson

In honor of Nina's ninetieth birthday

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Nina was my publishing mentor. She was tough, blunt, and to the point. I trusted her to know what I needed to become a success in the needlework world. When I was ready to publish a design, Nina was the best proofreader I had. She couldn't always stitch for me, but she would correct the text, look at the charts, and 'shoot from the hip.' Nina, in a way, was like a mother who tells the whole world how proud she is of her daughter, but the daughter never hears those words. She only finds out later from those who were privileged to have heard them.

Nina did not give compliments often, at least not to me. But one day, a few years ago, she said to
me, 'Well, I guess I have to say, I knew you when.' Now, there's a compliment if I ever knew one. God bless you, Nina. I sure miss you, my dear friend.

We are pleased to introduce the second annual piece commissioned by the San Bernardino Chapter to honor the memory of longtime member Nina Goerres, who left a most generous bequest to the chapter. Here is what Amy Wolfson says about her relationship with Nina:
This design is available for purchase by the public. The price is $20 for delivery by e-mail and $26.50 for delivery by USPS. To order, please contact the Nina Goerres Chair.























































Other colorways:

Stitched by Diane Ackley Stitched by Marianne Bergson; finished as a pillow Stitched by Belle Sprague
  Stitched by Sharon Quick; original colorway with some threads substituted due to availability  

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