Nina's Legacy


Sue Reed

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It was my great pleasure to design a piece to honor the memory and generosity of Nina Goerres, a member of the San Bernardino Chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild. Nina was part of a small group responsible for keeping the chapter functioning by encouraging 'away memberships.' These memberships allowed people from across the country to take part in programs and workshops held by the San Bernardino Chapter. As a result, the membership has grown to over 300 stitchers.

Nina, in her love for this chapter, left a legacy: to use her donated money to reach as many chapter members as possible, to provide educational opportunities to the members, to support the teachers/designers, and to encourage upcoming designers.

We are proud to introduce the very first piece commissioned by the San Bernardino Chapter to honor the memory of longtime member Nina Goerres, who left a most generous bequest to the chapter. Here is what Sue Reed says about Nina's work on behalf of the chapter and the purpose of her gift:
This design is available for purchase by the public. The price is $20 for delivery by e-mail and $26.50 for delivery by USPS. To order, please contact the Nina Goerres Chair.