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Carley Linn (Riverside, CA) - Mostly Amadeus, by Debbie Rowley

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Nina Goerres Projects

Kerry Ince (Chino Hills, CA) - Thistle, by Carole Lake and Michael Boren - from Needle Pointers magazine, September 2014

Carley Linn (Riverside, CA) - Beaded Bermuda Reef, by Kathy Rees

Spring/Summer/Fall 2020

Here are some of the projects we've finished during this time of quarantine. Check back later to see more!

Ellie Watts (Caldwell, ID) - Fire and Ice, by Toni Gerdes

Steven Halvorson (Hemet, CA) - We Are Better Together, by David McCaskill

Vickie Van Lune (Hillier, ONT, Canada) - Elegance Cubed, by Kurdy Biggs

Vickie Van Lune (Hillier, ONT, Canada) - Field of Lupines, by Nicole Gelinas

Vickie Van Lune (Hillier, ONT, Canada) - My Secret Garden, by Nicole Gelinas

Suzanne Jones (Fullerton, CA) - Star-Spangled Santa, by Janet Zickler Casey

Pat Warren (Westchester, IL) - Klimt Kimono, by Toni Gerdes

Pat Warren (Westchester, IL) - Shimmer, by Ro Pace

Jo Anne Ghazi (Riverside, CA) - Harlequin Lace, by Janet Z. Casey

Laurie Bowers-Kane (San Jacinto, CA) - Woodland Animals stocking, by Liz Goodrick-Dillon. Stitch suggestions from Susan Portra and David McCaskill; finishing by Needlepoint Inc.

Stephanie Murphy (West Melbourne, FL) - Cashmere Santa, by Janet Z. Casey

Howard Lange (Indianapolis, IN) - Serenity, by Genny Morrow

Howard Lange (Indianapolis, IN) - Mother of Pearl, by Jean Hilton