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Carley Linn (Riverside, CA) - Mostly Amadeus, by Debbie Rowley

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Nina Goerres Projects

Kerry Ince (Chino Hills, CA) - Thistle, by Carole Lake and Michael Boren - from Needle Pointers magazine, September 2014

Carley Linn (Riverside, CA) - Beaded Bermuda Reef, by Kathy Rees

Spring 2020

Here are some of the projects we've finished during this time of quarantine. Check back later to see more!


Ellie Watts (Caldwell, ID) - Fire and Ice, by Toni Gerdes

Steven Halvorson (Hemet, CA) - We Are Better Together, by David McCaskill

Vickie Van Lune (Hillier, ONT, Canada) - Elegance Cubed, by Kurdy Biggs

Vickie Van Lune (Hillier, ONT, Canada) - Field of Lupines, by Nicole Gelinas

Vickie Van Lune (Hillier, ONT, Canada) - My Secret Garden, by Nicole Gelinas

Suzanne Jones (Fullerton, CA) - Star-Spangled Santa, by Janet Zickler Casey

Pat Warren (Westchester, IL) - Klimt Kimono, by Toni Gerdes

Pat Warren (Westchester, IL) - Shimmer, by Ro Pace