Stitchers' Gallery

Here are some projects completed by our talented members!


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Jo Berbiglia (Murrieta, CA) - Celtic Christmas, by Lavender & Lace (48 ct. silk gauze)

Suzanne Jones (Fullerton, CA) - Baby Duck, by Alice Peterson

Carley Linn (Riverside, CA) - Christmas Light Santa by Janet Zickler Casey

Jill Rigoli (La Jolla, CA) - Swan Goddess, by Laurel Burch

Jayne Meschter (Victorville, CA) - Ye-Bi-Chei, by Vickie Nessel

Pam Rhodes (Apple Valley, CA) - Sunlit Irises (cross stitch) from Custom Craft

Liz Lennert (Ontario, CA) - Heart of the Needle by Susan Johnson

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Nina Goerres Projects

Rosie Lunde (Mendham, NJ) - Happy Hedgie by Ann Strite-Kurz

Carley Linn (Riverside, CA) -"Count Pierre," AKA Peter Pumpkin Head, by Janet Z. Casey

Katherine Zaharopoulos (San Bernardino, CA) - Midtown Manhattan, by DJ Designs

Helen Imbach (Ontario, CA) - Casbah by Terry Dryden






















Nancy Kenealey (Elkridge, MD) - Atlantis Rising, by Ro Pace