Stitchers' Gallery

Here are some projects completed by our talented members!


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Fran Long (Chino Hills, CA) - Needlepoint Boutique design by Rosalie

Sharon Quick (Palmdale, CA) To the Beach by Sandy Arthur

Diane Ackley (Redlands, CA) - Just Nan's Owls of October

Marianne Bergson (Palm Desert, CA) - Phases of the Moom, by Gail Sirna

Sandra Blackwell (Garland, TX) - Looking Glass by, by Kurdy Biggs

Suzanne Jones (Fullerton, CA) - Nancy Cucci's Amazing Grays

Belle Sprague (Chino Hills, CA) - Eight Flying Jewels by Sharon G

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Nina Goerres Projects

Chuck Martin (Cathedral City, CA) - original design

Laurie McLellan - (Manhattan Beach, CA) Portrait of Elizabeth I by Gay Ann Rogers

Jeannie Thorp (San Dimas, CA) - Market at Mystera by Joan Thomasson

Nancy Kenealey (Elkridge, MD) - Tony Minieri's Chicago du Soir





















Linda Brooks (Redlands, CA) - Gail Bicknell's Pieces of Eight