From our Zoom program of Tuesday, February 6, 2021

Zoom participants ready for the meeting to start

Perspective guides the viewer's eye to specific points

Denise adds dimension and interest with color, texture, and relief on Autumn Vase by Melissa Shirley.

On Steampunk Fox by Brenda Stofft, Denise simplified the design of the foreground pumpkin so that focus would not be pulled away from Mr. Fox himself.

Our program tonight was presented by chapter member Denise Park, who creates needlepoint stitch guides. Her topic was Perspective and Focus, and she gave us lots of helpful information about using colors, textures, and stitches to emphasize a particular element of the needlepoint design or allow it to recede into the background. We saw some of Denise's beautiful stitching, and we learned a lot because of her expertise!

Denise discussed the stumpwork techniques she used for the flowers on Brenda Stofft's Sheep Pulling Flower Cart, as well as the ways she made the hills and sky recede into the background while still remaining distinct from each other.

After showing us many examples of how to guide the viewer's eye with good stitching choices, Denise helped us apply this knowledge by showing us a few of her stitched canvases that she felt did not turn out quite as well as she would have liked, such as the one below. She encouraged us to comment on what didn't seem to work and to make suggestions about how the pieces might have been improved with different threads, colors, or stitches. This was a really helpful exercise that we can apply to our own stitching. Thank you for a fascinating and useful presentation, Denise!

Santa in Sleigh by Brenda Stofft has a great deal of intricacy and variety in the stitches chosen, as well as a number of raised elements, making it difficult for the viewer's eye to move around the canvas comfortably or to settle on one main center of interest.





















































Our presenter, Denise Park of San Rafael, CA












In this detail from Sunflower Harvest by Lowell Herrero, distributed by Cooper Oaks Design, Denise used weaving techniques to create the straw hat and ribbon embroidery for the flowers.



Various techniques for guiding the viewer's attention








On this Nativity stocking by Liz Goodrick-Dillon (© Susan Roberts), subtle color variations as well as many different stitch patterns and textures are needed to separate foreground from background figures.