Highlights from our meeting of Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tonight's meeting featured a special program presented by Suzanne Jones. The project is called Victorian Scissors Case with Spiral Beading, and it is based on a class that Suzanne took during a needlework tour of England last spring. Suzanne created beautifully packaged kits containing all the instructions and materials for the piece. She said she took her inspiration for the lovely kit bags from the way the materials were presented when she took the class. We loved them!

Here is the Supervisor of Kit Production and Quality Control, Ms. Katie Jones.

Suzanne began by walking us through the simple stitching plan for the case itself. There are many options for individual stitch variations, and thread choice is entirely that of the stitcher.

The most unusual and interesting feature of this project is the spiral beading that forms a cord from which the case is suspended. The technique is not difficult, but it does take a bit of practice to understand the count. Once the method is mastered, the chain grows quickly, with the beads spiralling automatically into position. Suzanne offered one-on-one instruction to everyone who needed it, and we all ended the evening with a sense of accomplishment. Thank you for all your preparation and help, Suzanne!

Kit contents: Embroidery scissors, canvas; purple and white beads, beading mat, beading needle, beading thread; Entice, Threadworks, and DMC threads; complete instructions--and chocolate coins!

Suzanne outlines the process.

Linda Kammerer made some delicious, buttery jam cookies to share. Thank you, Linda!









































































This one version of the stitched case, which will be lined and folded.

Here are two examples of the beaded spiral cord.