Highlights from our meeting of Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Members chat before the meeting starts.

Show and Tell

Pat also stitched the Tony Gerdes piece Bronze Purse. The fabric piece will be used as backing and flap for this envelope-style clutch.

Katherine Zaharopoulos has completed "O," the central element of David McCaskill's JOY. She is working on the other two letters.

Pat Correz brought two stitched pieces to display. This is Color Play by Jennifer Riefenberg, which is a fascinating demonstration of how colors blend and seem to change when they're stitched over different colored backgrounds.

Margaret Bendig was back with us for tonight's program, presenting her Elegant Scissors Case, a project with lots of variety and interest. As always, Margaret's printed instructions and oral explanations are clear and complete, making the stitching itself a pleasure. Thank you for another fine presentation, Margaret!

Attendance prize winners included Pat, Barbara, Laura, Joanne, and Belle.

Belle Sprague has finished Mrs. Freeze by Margaret Bendig.

This replica of a nineteenth-century fruit crate label (canvas designer unknown) is also Belle's work. She purchased the canvas fifteen years ago as a beginning stitcher, and she did the whole thing in floss, using basketweave/tent stitch. She put it away for a long time and forgot about it, but she recently completed the stitching and had it framed. No more all-basketweave projects for her, Belle says!

Kit with canvas, threads, and instructions









































































Margaret puts together the kits in several colorways.