Highlights from our meeting of Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Many thanks to David McCaskill, who provided the photos and details of tonight's meeting.

Show and Tell


Pat Correz has found this completed polar bear fetish design that she said has been hiding in her stash for 20 years! We've tried to track down the title and designer of the piece, but all we know for sure right now is that the artist's initials are "J.T." (If anyone has further information, please contact the webmaster.)

Tonight's program on how to create an origami orts box has an interesting story behind it. C.J. Frye was scheduled to present the hands-on demonstration, but it turned out that her original box was copyright protected, and there would be a one-dollar charge per copy. Program chair David McCaskill decided that he would research the method on his own and develop and photograph the steps involved in making a similar collapsible orts holder. C.J. said that she was apprehensive about leading the program, so David said not to worry -- he would lead and C.J. could be his assistant. He also decided to purchase, as a silly surprise, a special "assistant's costume" for C.J. to wear.

The night before our meeting, C.J. informed David that she had practiced and was confident that she could lead the presentation. That made David the assistant, and he decided that it would be only fair for him to dress the part, which explains the final photo below!

Cindy Jones-Sanders displays her completed piece. Cindy created the patchwork Christmas tree design and chose all the threads and stitches herself.

Carley Linn shows her finished and framed Reflections in Rose Gold, by Nancy Cucci.

C.J. organizes the materials for her demonstration.

Yes, that's David wearing the "Official Assistant's Tutu" !

For our away members: check our September newsletter for details about constructing your own orts box.

Katherine Zaharopoulos, left, and Jo Anne Ghazi display their completed orts boxes.