PROGRAMS of 2018
January Margery Williams -- Fairy Dust, part 1

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February Margery Williams -- Fairy Dust, part 2

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March 26

Note date and location change!

Anne Strite-Kurz -- Using Common Stitches in Uncommon Ways

US Bank, 333 N. Euclid Avenue, Ontario, CA -- Download map

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Regular date and location

David McCaskill -- 32 Years of Tips and Techniques

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May Margery Williams -- Fairy Dust, finishing techniques

This month's news, including photos of Shoreline Showcase winners



S.O.S. -- Members will Share Our Secrets (favorite books and tools)

We learned a lot this month


The July meeting was cancelled.


August Sale and silent auction; special guest Jenny Huff from Artesia High School

We had fun and raised money for a good cause!

September Nancy Cucci -- embellishment project, part 1

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Presentation of the new Nina Goerres Fund design for 2018-2019, Bargello Windows by Terry Dryden

Hapsburg Lace Snowflake Sampler by Tanja Berlin -- postponed

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November Nancy Cucci -- embellishment project, part 2

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